This as a project from my Packaging Design class where we were tasked with redesigning the packaging of a product that is already on the market, ideally to “reintroduce” it to the marketplace.

I rather like this Ginger Candy from Indonesia (also sold under the names “Ting Ting Jahe” and “Sina Ginger Candy” so I didn’t see any issue with also renaming the product “Ginger Bites”).  While the candy is delicious and you can also make sweet ginger tea with it, I believe one strike it has against it in American candy aisles is how similar the packaging is to a pack of cigarettes.

So I went into this wanting to make a candy box unlike anything I saw in the grocery store candy aisle (and, of course, this project was a good excuse to linger in that candy aisle).  The result was a black and yellow box inside a yellow box with a diagonal cut-out.

When I’ve shown people the actual mock-ups I made one of the most common comments is that it doesn’t initially look like it’s a candy box (one person said it reminded him of the packaging for old 3.5″ floppy computer disks).  Which is why I think, if you saw this in a candy aisle it would make you stop and do a double-take – and getting noticed on the store shelf is one of the most important aspects of packaging design.

Make sure you also check out the Point-Of-Purchace display I designed to go with this candy box:

image icon View POP Display

Tools used: Illustrator, SketchUp, Kerkythea