OVR Viewer is a script I created that automatically builds an Object VR viewer for animations you can rotate up to 360 degrees. I wanted something that worked with just HTML, CSS, and Javascript so I could avoid having to build the animations in a third-party application and then require a third-party plugin (like Quicktime, Flash, Java, etc.) to show the object rotations. I also wanted it to work on iOS and Android devices plus as many older browsers as I could.

On a desktop system you just hover your mouse pointer back and forth across the image, or you can do what touch device users need to do, and move the slider knob back and forth tor rotate the object. If you’re viewing this post with a supported browser here’s a sample embedded OVR:

[ View Demo Un-embedded ]

Look Ma, no plugins! It nicely embeds with the popular IFRAME method. I’ve been playing around with this for months now since I created it and decided to release the scripts under the MIT license to anyone that wants to use them on their website as well. Making the sequence of images is the hard part, the OVR script handles all the heavy lifting of presenting it. You can download the OVR Viewer Kit which has this same sample animation in it and the files you’ll need to implement it on your own website. For full details on how to use check out the OVR Viewer Page.