A bunch of updates already! Here’s the rundown. . .
Ryuzine Web App

  1. Added ability to target webOS devices with custom theme
  2. Set up optional features as “add-ons”
  3. Fixed Share bubble for third party widgets
  4. Added Configurable Zoom & Pan capability for mobile devices
  5. Added User Configurable Options Panels with Cookie Preference storage
  6. Meta Viewport now added dynamically based on device and settings
  7. Rewrote page animation function to disable it for legacy browsers for better performance
  8. Rewrote page flip function so links can contain anchor targets
  9. Added ability to share link to specific page within magazine
  10. Added In-App Bookmark feature
  11. Separated page curves from themes as optional add-on
  12. Switched UI animations from JS to CSS so themes can now change animation effects
  13. Added more keyboard controls
  14. Added support for Windows Phone 7.5 devices

Ryuzine Machine Web App

  1. Touch-enabled web app so it can be used on mobile devices
  2. Added meta viewport data compatible with webOS
  3. Added Toggle Button for Editor Panels
  4. Added code to hide disabled toolbar buttons in Text Edit mode
  5. Custom Device Profiles now persistent (stored in Cookie)
  6. Option to import custom stylesheet for “My Styles” panel
  7. Option to change default issue-specific style
  8. In-Page Styles can now be preserved
Head on over to Ryu Maru to grab the latest version!