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This was a MASSIVE update to all of the Ryuzine webapps and has consumed my life for months.  So much code was overhauled and rewritten I’ve been calling it the “Ryuzine Reboot” and some of the coolest new features include:

  • Compatible with Windows 8 “Metro/Modern” UI, including full-screen and snapped views.
  • 3D Page Turn animations now supported in Internet Explorer 10
  • Lightbox Gallery can now use CSS3 animations AND be styled by themes
  • User Interface is now dynamically generated, allowing faster loading and automatic updating of older format publications
  • New “Cool Beans” theme for OS integration with Android “Jelly Bean” and “Urban” for Windows 8 and IE 10 in fullscreen.
  • Default UI now available in “light” and “dark” variants.
  • UI bars can now be hidden in ALL themes for a clean, unobstructed view.
  • The old “fillpad” option, which only targeted the iPad, has been updated to a “fillall” configuration that does exactly what it says – it fills the pages into all available space.  The previous “fillpad” setting is now the “tall” setting, so anyone using it can keep using it.

iScroll script implemented as an optional add-on for “momentum” mobile-style scrolling on all platforms.

And that’s just the Reader webapp.  The authoring app got a major re-write as well.  In fact the name got changed with this version from “Ryuzine Machine” to the more descriptive “Ryuzine Writer” and some of the new features in that include:

  • PHP File Operations when running from a localhost server.  This is HUGE!  Not only can you now save your work directly to your development server, you can automatically build ZIP packaged downloadable publications.
  • If you’re trying to access over your LAN, but aren’t working on the system with the localhost server, you can whitelist the IP in the PHP functions file.  If you’re not on a local network it tries to disable file operations for security reasons, in which case you still have the previous javascript copy+paste method of saving your code.
  • New device profiles in the Simulator for new stuff like Nokia Lumia Windows Phone, iPhone 5, Samsung GalaxyTab 2, and Microsoft Surface tablets.
  • Now works in Firefox!  While Webkit browsers (Chrome and Safari) are still preferred, this version throws Mozilla some love too.  If that weren’t enough this version also has “experimental” (read: minor buggy) support for Internet Explorer 10.
  • Completely new User Interface that can also use the exact same theme files as the Reader webapp.
  • Experimental “Mobile Mode” User Interface for running Ryuzine Writer on mobile devices like phones and tablets.
  • New Options panel lets you change many settings right in the app that used to require manually editing the config files.
  • WYSIWYG editor can now pop full-screen (and if the browser is set to full-screen you get TRUE full-screen editing)
  • And More!

There is also a completely NEW webapp in this release called “Ryuzine Rack.”  It is a newsstand-style app which gives publishers are great way to promote their Ryuzine publications and other media (it’s not limited to just promoting Ryuzine publications).  It is built on the same foundations as Ryuzine Reader and for a fully seamless experience uses the same theme(s) and configuration file as your Ryuzine publications.  The stand-alone version doesn’t even need a database back-end!  It uses simple HTML “catalog” files with <TABLE> elements as the sortable database.  Because the processing happens on the client-side it delivers a near instantaneous response even on mobile devices.  You can have an unlimited number of catalog files, organized however you please.  Create the catalogs in a text or HTML editor or use the “Rack Builder” in the new Ryuzine Writer to make perfect catalogs.

Ryuzine Press Plugin for WordPress

Rewritten, simplified, bug-fixed, and updated.  Getting the Ryuzine webapp into the plugin is now a simple “one-click” install.  Includes all of the new features of Ryuzine Reader, improved Comic Easel support, and the option to replace the automatically-generated Ryuzine Press Editions archive page with a WordPress-driven version of Ryuzine Rack!  Just like the stand-alone version you’re not limited to just promoting your Ryuzine Press Editions, there is a version of the “Rack Builder” in the Ryuzine Press Tools now, allowing you to add custom catalogs and content in addition to your Editions.

If you go over to Ryu Maru to take a look at the full changelog for each app hopefully you’ll understand why I pushed the release date back three times.  But it did all get done and released on the First Anniversary of the original public Beta, which is pretty cool.