Wow, that was fast.  I just posted the major update about a week ago, but  it seems inevitable that right after you post a major release/update you’ll find bugs and stuff that need to be fixed.  So I just posted an update to Ryuzine Writer, Ryuzine Reader, Ryuzine Rack, and Ryuzine Press.  Here’s what’s in store:

Ryuzine Writer & Ryuzine Reader

  1. Bug fixes to “Bubble Guide” help
  2. Localization bug fixes & updates
  3. Theme targeting updated for desktop platforms
  4. Theme targeting for Windows 8 “Metro” fixed
  5. Theme targeting gracefully falls back for Windows systems now.
  6. Windows 8 “Metro” scaling issue fixed.
  7. Internet Explorer single page portrait page display bug fixed.
  8. “fillpad” setting changed to “pgsize” now does square, tall, and fill-all.
  9. New “mask” container added to hide un-styled content from being seen onload.

Ryuzine Writer

  1. Added notice to IE 9 users of incompatibility.
  2. Added notice to Opera users that it is no longer a supported browser.
  3. Updated for new “pgsize” options in Config Builder
Ryuzine Press
  1. Added updated theme targeting for desktop platforms
  2. Fixed “Check for Update” on admin Tools page
  3. Fixed display failure in alternative viewing modes
  4. Updated for new “pgsize” on Options > Pages tab

Beebot, Coolbeans, Mobilefruit, and Urban were updated to customize
the position of the Bubble Guide for their respective layouts.

Online Demo

The online Demo over at Ryu Maru was also updated to this version!  The only thing disabled in the Demo is the new PHP File Operations.