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This project was a complete redesign of an existing static, template website as a WordPress powered blog/CMS site.  Dr. Susan Legender-Clarke is not only a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic she is also the author of “Clarke’s Dictionary of Transactional Analysis” – a comprehensive reference on the subject for her field.

So the challenges with this website were actually three-fold:

  • Provide prospective and existing patients with information about the Healing Circle Chiropractic Clinic
  • Promote and sell Dr. Clarke’s book
  • Promote Dr. Clarke’s workshops and speaking engagements.

The first aspect was relatively straight forward by providing lists of services and information about the location.  The second aspect involved e-commerce enabling the website utilizing the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress.  There is also a simplified “sell sheet” to which members of the media can be pointed.  Lastly, there is a section aimed at other Professionals who may be interested in having Dr. Clarke speak at their company or organization.

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The design of the site was based on the client asking for a site that was “clean, minimalist, and Zen” to evoke a sense of calmness and healing.  This site is also using two custom WordPress plugins which I created.  One, called ZappBar, adds a customizable mobile-friendly user interface over the top of the site’s theme.  The other, PNEX (Press-News-Events Extended), expands upon a third-party plugin by creating sortable sub-sections for the type of media or event.

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Tools Used: TextWrangler (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP coding), Photoshop, Illustrator