Desktop View

Grandmother’s Fund was a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Susan Legender-Clarke to financially assist families with severely challenged children.

NOTE: this organization and it’s website are no longer active.

At the time of my involvement it was a new organization, so there was no pre-existing “identity” collateral.  Design-wise it was a blank slate.  The gold-grey color scheme came about quickly and then it was just a matter of finding appropriate stock photography for the site (to keep costs down only free and creative-commons stock images were used).

Grandmothers Fund Masthead

In addition to the website I also designed the organization’s logo and created a PDF brochure as part of the “Press Kit” download, which mirrors the look and feel of the website.

book icon View PDF Brochure

Tablet View

While this is a simple, static website it is also a fully responsive design intended to deliver a mobile-friendly interface to small screen devices.  A snippet of PayPal drop-in code was used to e-commerce enable the site for receiving donations.

Phone View

When imagery didn’t fit the smaller format the stylesheet, in a device-independent way, simply swapped out images that did work based on the viewport size.