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A simple WordPress plugin that duplicates the contents of one page into another because reasons.

Why would anyone want this?

When you create pages in WordPress they’re either “orphans” (have no parent) or have one parent page. But what if you want the same information to appear under two different parent sections? This allows you to have the same information appear on multiple pages of your site while only having to maintain it under the original page. Edit it there it auto-updates all the copies throughout your site.

Ok, but why would I want to duplicate the same stuff all over my site?

I don’t know, maybe it’s boilerplate, or a standard disclaimer, or a coupon – I had a client that has a site divided into sections for clients, colleagues, and the press and wanted the same bio page to appear in all three places. It’s something that came up, it was easy to do with a plugin so I did it. And now you can do it too.