Hi, I’m Kristiana Hansen and welcome to my website.

You probably noticed a lot of images on your way here.  Well, that’s because I have a BA in Studio Art and a BS in Mass Communications (TV & Video Production).  Then a few years ago I went back to school and after a couple years I graduated with an AAS degree in Graphic Design, Creative Emphasis on Print Media.

I felt it was time I finally learned the “other side” (print) of design after working professionally as a Web Designer/Developer since 1997 and I’ve been self-employed as a freelance designer since 2001.

Much of the work posted on this site represents class projects, old client work, and personal projects, but it should all give you an idea of what I can do. If you’re seeking a knowledgable, experienced, creative designer with a proven track-record of delivering both web and print maybe we should talk about what sort of cool stuff I can do for you!