Want a copy of some of my projects? Here are the ones I’ve made available for download:

Name: MondriPong  [Download ZIP file] (4kb)
Platform: Any
Dependencies: HTML5 Capable Browser
Description: A playable HTML5 Canvas version of the “Mondrian Pong” GIF.
Details: Play it online now

Name: OVR [Download ZIP file] (1.5 mb)
Platform: Any
Dependencies: getElementsByClassName script (optional, only if you want to support IE)
Description: Script that automatically turns image sequences into interactive, touch-enabled Object VR animations.
Details: http://www.kmhcreative.com/labs/ovr/

Name: mobiletable [ Right+Click, Save As to Download ] (4kb)
Platform: Any
Dependencies: Browser
Description: An HTML table showing all the different screen sizes reported by iOS and Android devices at various screen densities and device orientations.

Name: MQ.htm [ Right+Click, Save As to Download ] (8 kb)
Platform: Any
Dependencies: Any modern web browser
Description: Test how your browser(s) process CSS Media Queries, get pixel size of browser window for mobile web development purposes.

Name: screensize.htm [ Right+Click, Save As to Download ] (3 kb)
Platform: Any
Dependencies: Any modern web browser
Description: This was created as part of the Ryuzine project to find the actual device and rendered pixel sizes reported by the web browser on various mobile devices.  The rendered size may differ significantly from what you think it is or should be.

Name: Joyfix.sh [ Download ] (4 kb)
Platform: Linux
Dependencies: Zenity, jscal, jstest
Description: A simple utility for Linux to shift game controllers to /dev/input/js0 and assign a preset controller calibration.

Name: ScriptHelperX [ Download ] (~600 kb)
Platform: Any
Dependencies: Firefox, Internet Explorer
Description: WebApp for quickly assembling rough drafts of film and video project scripts through a web browser interface.  Please note this is an obsolete program no longer in development! After numerous security changes in the way browsers function since this was created it no longer works properly in most browsers.  It still works fine in Firefox, however.
Note: I have reset the cookie expiration date so project storage works again.