This plugin creates custom post types for Press Releases, Events and News Stories, three things a standard PR site needs.

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My “Xtended” version adds the ability to organize each of these things by arbitrary categories you define (ex: “print,” “television,” “radio,” “interview” etc.,) and adds new shortcodes allowing readers to filter the Press Releases, Events, and News Stories by those categories.

I posted the code for my modified version of the plugin because it looks like the original plugin in the WordPress directory has not been updated it in over two years and may have been abandoned.  Given the code changes that happened with WordPress 4.3 the original plugin now throws a lot of notes, warnings, and errors in debug mode.  My modified version of the plugin has been updated to fix all of those issues and is tested compatible with WordPress 4.3.1.

If you are already using the original plugin you can safely upgrade to my modified version.  It doesn’t alter any of the existing options.  Even if you don’t have need of the categorization feature, at least you’d get an updated, bug-fixed version of the plugin.

What you WON’T get, however, are auto-updates unless you are using the GitHub Plugin Updater because this modified version is not yet available in the official WordPress directory.  I’m not really interested in taking over development of this plugin or in providing support -nor am I asking for donations.  But I thought I’d share my fixed, updated, expanded version for anyone who wants it.